Climate change and human error shrivel Greek agriculture | Climate Crisis News

[ad_1] Thessaly, Greece – The farmers of Ampelonas in central Greece are headed for financial ruin. Last July, as a series of heatwaves struck the country, their electricity was cut off so they couldn’t irrigate their fields. Entire crops were lost. “From an acre of pear trees, I didn’t collect a single fruit,” said Yiorgos … Read more

Prisons in paradise: Refugees detentions in Greece raise alarm | Refugees News

[ad_1] Names marked with an asterisk have been changed to protect identities. Kos, Greece – On the Greek island of Kos, in holiday season, tourists sip cocktails on the beach, music blares from loudspeakers and British holidaymakers can often be seen speeding around the main town on rented quad bikes. But a 20-minute drive from … Read more

‘A living hell’: Churches, clergy targeted by Myanmar military | Military News

[ad_1] Last month, Myanmar soldiers gunned down Cung Biak Hum, a 31-year-old Baptist pastor, while he rushed to help put out a fire caused by military shelling. As his town of Thantlang in Myanmar’s northwestern Chin State went up in flames, soldiers sawed off the pastor’s finger and stole his wedding ring. “The killing of … Read more

‘To dehumanise, terrorise us’: Muslims evicted in India’s Assam | Human Rights News

[ad_1] Dhalpur, Assam, India – Amina Khatoon is nine months pregnant and due to give birth any minute. For the past week, she has found herself needing to use the toilet a lot more frequently. But Amina has no access to a toilet in the camp where she lives. More than 1,000 families live crowded … Read more

Colombia’s aerial fumigation push fuels fear of coca conflict | Business and Economy News

[ad_1] Boqueron, Guaviare department, Colombia – Henri* lies in a hammock on his front porch with a pistol on the table beside him. The 36-year-old coca farmer says he was forced to resume the risky business of growing the plant from which cocaine is made in order to make a living after promised government subsidies … Read more

Canadians mark 1,000 days since Spavor, Kovrig’s China detention | Canada News

[ad_1] Beijing condemns ‘gross interference’ by Canada as US expresses support for two Canadians held in China amid Huawei dispute. Supporters of two Canadian men imprisoned in China marked the pair’s 1,000th day of “unjust” detention on Sunday, as the United States called for their release and Beijing condemned what it called Canada’s “gross interference” … Read more

Six Palestinians escape from high-security prison in Israel | Fatah News

[ad_1] Israeli forces have been searching for six Palestinian prisoners who managed to escape from a high-security facility in northern Israel early on Monday. The prisoners escaped from the Gilboa prison, which is supposed to be one of Israel’s most secured facilities. Such breakouts are extremely rare. “Overnight, we received a number of reports about … Read more

Biden speech transcript: US completes Afghanistan withdrawal | Joe Biden News

[ad_1] United States President Joe Biden addressed Americans a day after the last US troops left Kabul, amid domestic and foreign criticism of how he and his administration handled the withdrawal and evacuation of thousands of Americans and Afghans. Touting it as the end of “the longest war in American history” during his speech at … Read more

Transcript: US completes Afghanistan withdrawal | Infographic News

[ad_1] In the early morning hours of August 31, the last US military plane took off from Hamid Karzai International Airport, officially ending the US’s nearly 20-year-long war in Afghanistan. In a Pentagon news briefing, General Frank McKenzie, head of US Central Command, said the US had evacuated 79,000 people from Kabul, including 6,000 American … Read more

Wuhan facilities shed light on China’s oversight on wildlife use | Coronavirus pandemic News

[ad_1] Wuhan, China – Arriving at the gate to the Hubei Wildlife Rescue Centre on the east side of the Chinese city of Wuhan near its famous lakes, you can hear the continuous squawking of birds and a cacophony of noises from the other animals inside. On the building to the left of the gate a … Read more